From Grief to Greatness

Discover how to anchor profound peace while navigating life’s most pivotal transition

From Grief to Greatness

Discover how to anchor profound peace while navigating life’s most pivotal transition

One Meaningful Conversation Can Create New Beginnings Marked By Exhilarating Hope

Facing the end of my husband's life on this planet was a challenging time . . .
During this interview I share my story....of fear, hope, acceptance and peace.
From my own experience, I’ve been able to transform this milestone we all face into one of inner peace and optimism. And I’ve compiled my knowledge to help you get clear on . . .
  • The stories you want shared about your incredible journey.
  • ​The intricate details that infuse the space with your personality
  • ​How you will be able to move forward with grace and peace
  • ​How you will be able to find meaning and purpose again.
You’ll be able to shift from sorrow to serenity so that your final days, or of you or your loved one, are triumphant, not tragic.
And to then be able to go from a place of Grief to Greatness.

Most People Ignore Their Soul’s Calling When They Need to Hear it Most

Sixteen years ago, my beloved husband left this earth after a battle with cancer.

After his diagnosis, we both spiraled into our own profound and deeply personal grief. It felt as though the rug had been pulled out from underneath us.

But instead of suppressing the fear, we brought it to light.

Instead of succumbing to the pull of despair, we held space for each other’s heartbreak.

Together, we dissolved the panic and moved into boundless gratitude.

And it all started with one conversation.
His transition was as peaceful as we could hope for, marked by outpours of love from friends and family. 

And I’ll always hold close to my heart our celebration of his life . . .

And then it was no longer about Phil's Unplanned Journey.....

It was about how I would now go on with the remainder of my life.....

Even though I didn't even know what that looked like.....I knew I had to try. 

Today I feel at peace with our separate journey's, knowing they were both triumphant in their 
own separate ways . . . 

Phil triumphed in death, and I, in life.

I Am Inviting You to Shift the Dialogue From One of Fear to One of Radical Honesty, and to allow yourself to be open to the possibility of going from Grief to Greatness.


My name is Tanya Unkovich. For the last twenty years, I’ve helped hundreds of people transform paralyzing fear into a sense of purpose and meaning in their lives again. 

Phil's diagnosis and passing was unexpected and terrifying. What I did know was that he would not have wanted me to remain stuck in my life. I knew I had to make meaning of this event, and my one precious life.

Once I made the decision to become unstuck.....everything changed.

Not only did I find meaning in these events, I was able to turn my experiences around and give back to mankind. To assist others who are crippled with fear and uncertainty.

During this masterclass you will hear a little about my story as I am interviewed on how Phil and I navigated through his Unplanned Journey, and how I, over time, turned my Grief in to Greatness.

Now, I’m inviting you to take the time to watch, and reflect on what is possible for your life too. 

You deserve to orchestrate this pivotal moment in your journey.
And it starts with one courageous step you can take right now. 
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