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The Truest Measures of Success are the Lives We Touch With Our Stories. . .

“Week after week working with Tanya, I could not believe that I was so
blessed to have found her and her uncanny ability to somehow know exactly what I
needed. While doing the weekly program, I finally didn’t feel alone in my struggles or
like it ‘must just be me.’ She really understood, she got it! "

“Tanya came to me at a time in my life with great uncertainty among other things. I
did the work and week after week and looked forward to our Skype sessions. Her
wisdom, kinds words, brutal honesty, and exceptional ability to listen were something
I came to rely on. Honestly, she is a rock star! "

“As our time together was nearing the end, I had some bad news that I was sort of
expecting. If she and I had not been working together, I think I would have fallen apart.
Instead, I used the tools that I had learned from Tanya and drew strength from our
conversations over several weeks and I did not fall apart!” ~ Charleen

“After losing my father to cancer in June, we found out that my sister also had an aggressive cancer that took her life 5 months later in May 2008. Five months . . . The same period of time that you traveled that path with Phil battling his cancer. I read your account of that journey with Phil and cried unashamedly through a lot of it. I really felt your love for each other and the strength of your belief in God to help you through. I think you did a marvellous job as his wife, caregiver and support person. I have found the ongoing entries you’ve made in your journal since Phil’s passing to be particularly helpful as I have so often struggled too on the up and down see-saw of emotions that grief and loss create with us.” ~ Karen L.

“I started reading your book at 10 p.m. one night last week and finished it at 2 in the morning. As much as your and Phil’s story moved me, it was learning more about you as a person that has stayed with me. Your journey through your body disorder has left a lasting impression on me and made me look at my own hangs ups. I have always looked at you and seen a beautiful, talented woman with everything. To hear where you have come from makes me believe I can get there too.” ~ Janice

“On behalf of the Prime Minister, Hon John Key, I write to thank you for sending Mr. Key a copy of your book Unplanned Journey, the journey of your husband Phil’s illness, and your own journey from grief to recovery following his death. Thank you again for writing. Mr. Key appreciated receiving your letter and the opportunity to read your very moving journal.” ~ Jennifer S.

“It is fair to observe that I am a pretty hard old guy whose life experiences have made me emotionless and self contained. It was such a surprise then that as I listened and watched your story, to find myself in tears. I admit to being very confused at the dichotomy of emotions; complete and utter grief for your loss, mixed with admiration for the life, values and strengths you have today. Tanya, without a doubt you are one of the most courageous and inspiring individuals to come into my life.” ~Brian H.

“I am writing to tell you how much I enjoyed reading your book Unplanned Journey. I came across it at our bible book store shortly after my husband was diagnosed with Leukemia (AML). We are in our early 40’s with 4 children ages 9 to 14. It’s been a tough battle for us . . . We know that Jim will be healed in heaven if not on earth, but walking the path is so hard. I appreciated you sharing your emotions . . . It gave me permission to let mine out as well and not be afraid to feel. It’s good to see how well you are doing. It gives me hope that things can look brighter for us some day as well.” ~Kyla

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